Does Selling Make You Cringe?

Take my 5 Day Sales Accelerator Challenge for Entrepreneurs so you can overcome your fears and sell with confidence!

  • Are there times that you dread making sales calls?


  • Do you worry about sounding pushy or like a “used car salesman” when talking to a potential client?


  • Do you fear the humiliation of rejection if your prospect says no?


  • Do you hesitate to reveal the price of your services, or stop short of actually asking for the sale?


You are not alone.  In my many years of coaching entrepreneurs, I’ve learned that selling is one of their biggest challenges.

No matter how many sales “techniques” you learn, you’ll struggle if you come from a place of fear. The good news is you can shift your mindset and sell with confidence. And it’s not as hard as you think!

Take the Challenge!

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    5-Day Sales Accelerator Challenge for Entrepreneurs
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  • The 5 biggest fears that stop entrepreneurs from selling

  • How to release those fears to make selling easier and more natural

  • What to say to inspire your potential clients to say “Yes!” to you

  • One simple thing you can do to immediately improve your sales results

Look what previous participants were able to create in just 5 days!

“The 5-day challenge was fabulous! Liz has an ability to break down those hard to grasp sales concepts and fears that I've struggled with for decades. Her no-nonsense approach keeps it simple, helping me to tackle each the fears that have paralyzed me for so long. The quick 30-minute daily sessions in the challenge were engaging and the daily challenge was never overwhelming. If you're looking for a stimulus to drive a critical sales campaign, I highly recommend Liz and her motivational energy.  

Trish Robichaud at Changing Paces